“Plan your fundraising work, work your fundraising plan.”
– J. Levine

You’ve got vision. You’ve got passion and commitment to your cause. You want to make the world a happier, better, more fruitful place. You’ve got a plan to make that happen; maybe you’re doing it already.

So how are you going to keep the resources flowing in to sustain it? If your answer to that question is “fundraise” then you have the seeds of a strategy there, although it will probably need more work.

Never forget, fundraising is a means to an end; an enabler of your mission. Your fundraising strategy (like your communication strategy) should flow from, and be in support of your overall strategy. And it doesn’t have to be complex. Planning your fundraising work in order to work your fundraising plan is the essence of a basic strategy.

Too often fundraising can seem like the mission itself. Having a good strategy for everything you do helps to keep fundraising in its place, and helps to make your fundraising fruitful.

 Be fruitful:

Fruitful:fundraising can help you to build a fundraising strategy that complements your overall strategy. If you don’t have an overall strategy, we can help with that too. In fact, we insist on giving that some thought before you even start thinking about a fundraising strategy.

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