If you’re thinking about fundraising, then money is definitely on your mind.

Money should be the primary goal of your fundraising activity – otherwise it isn’t fundraising at all! But only as far as achieving that goal enables you to pursue your mission.

Money should certainly not be the focus of your fundraising. The focus of your fundraising should be a fruitful mixture of traits, characteristics and approaches represented above. These include communication and relationships; stewardship; sowing and reaping; planning, research, execution and evaluation; ethics and trust, opportunism and serendipity; patience, persistence and resilience.

So whether you’re new to fundraising, or fundraising is new to your organisation. Whether it’s all a bit of mystery, or you are “old hands” in need of an extra pair of hands. Whether you’re looking to take the next step in a major campaign or a new area of fundraising. Whatever brings you to these pages, let us help you to achieve your fundraising goals by focusing on what fundraising is really about.

 Be Fruitful:

Fruitful:fundraising can help you to plan, research, execute and evaluate your fundraising. We can support you with lottery, statutory and Trust applications, provide bespoke training and coaching for your fundraiser/team, manage your fundraising function, help you to recruit a fundraiser, work with you to find the right funders and more.

Grants fundraising is our speciality – Lottery, statutory and Trusts – and for many smaller organisations fundraising is only about grants. Fruitful:fundraising can bring significant experience to bear on your grants fundraising strategy and implementation.

Whatever your fundraising support needs, get in touch today: / 0779 2697288


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