Fruitful:fundraising is rooted in a clear vision focused on three themes: Justice, Beauty and Hope.

Justice: putting things to rights in the world, or more often, within or across communities.

Beauty: emphasising the arts, culture, the environment – those elements that breathe life into the world and enhance our experience of it.

Hope: until the world can be put to rights, enabling people to look beyond their current circumstances, to dream big dreams, and then helping to achieve them.

These are the themes on which we want to expend our energies. Whilst we are open to working with clients who focus on a wide range of issues across different areas of the voluntary sector, we would expect to look back in twenty years-time and find that most of our clients have been engaged in works of justice, beauty, and hope.

Why are these issues so important? They are a vision of the world in which we want to live. A vision that we want to build for, and join with others to build for. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that justice, beauty and hope are always inherently fruitful.

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