Fruitful:fundraising’s mission is underpinned by three values. These values inform the way that we relate to and work with our clients, reflecting the Christian roots of Fruitful:fundraising.


Fruitfulness in fundraising depends upon building fruitful relationships, with clients, beneficiaries, donors, or stakeholders. Our work with clients will be marked by respect, honesty, integrity, and trust.


Our work with clients will seek to inspire generosity and stewardship of time, talent, money, and resources:

“Your needs will not inspire others to give. The most generous charitable gifts are motivated by the donor’s genuine belief in your organisation’s mission and vision. When you focus on needs, you adopt a mindset of scarcity. Philanthropy occurs in a context of Abundance.”

– OU Business School quoting from World YWCA Common Concern, 2000


Christian churches and charities are a key audience for Fruitful:fundraising, but many seem to struggle with the mindset of fundraising. So this value is specifically aimed at them.

Fundraising is not begging. Fundraising is about Stewardship, which is an act of worship to God, be that stewardship of money, skills, vision or vocation.

Our work with all clients will promote fundraising as being equally deserving of attention, resources and value, by Trustees, managers, colleagues, as any other ministry or area of work.


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