Some Fundraising Basics

The most common question I get asked by potential clients is “can we get funding for that…?”


They know what they want to do but don’t really know how to get it funded.


I’m always happy to have such conversations, and the answer is never the same, and usually rarely simple. But there are always some aspects of the conversation that are common.


So to summarise the essence of what I tend to say…


“There are always opportunities to apply for funding and the challenges relate to demand and competition for that funding.


The key points to remember in order to give yourself the best chance of success are, broadly:


1) Make a plan for what you want to do and why. Write it down, and ask other people if it makes sense to them.


2) Assuming that external funding is required allow up to a year to secure it.


3) As soon as possible, start to gather evidence of the need for the work, both from facts and stats and from people who will be impacted. You need both.


4) Think about how you will resource it in the long-term (assuming it’s an ongoing piece of work, and it usually is).


This may seem simple, but if you cannot answer these points to me, you wont be able to answer prospective funders.


Get in touch if you want to discuss your fundraising needs in more detail.

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