Fruitful Fundraising hits £4m mark…pauses for air punch

An email this morning from one of my current clients, confirming award of a grant towards their capital project, means that I have now passed a personal milestone of £4million secured for charities in Nottingham and the East Midlands since 2007.


*pauses for air punch*


Significant funding success over the years with bids from Lottery, Statutory, major and local Trust sources has enabled my clients to move forward in their mission, and it is particularly pleasing that this latest award, from a Landfill Communities funder will help the client in question to near completion of their capital project.


Fundraising is one part of the work of Fruitful Fundraising, and it is inevitable that “grants-won” makes the headlines. But in working with some clients to help them develop clear fundraising strategies, and with others to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of their work, I am delighted that I can continue to build strong foundations that will enable them to raise their own funds long into the future.


£4million would make a personal fortune, and at the same time it is a drop in the ocean of annual Trust funding, and even less across the whole voluntary sector. We are fortunate to have such a thriving civil society in this country, and to be resourced by institutions that exist to inspire and celebrate fundraising and philanthropy.


So, as I often say to fundraisers, Trustees, project managers and like, we allow ourselves a brief moment to celebrate the latest funding success before we focus back on the mission and ask “right, what’s next?”


I’m off to run around the house as if I’ve just scored the winning goal in a World Cup final.

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