Trusts Fundraiser Advice: Post holiday musings

I’m just back from 2 weeks’ family holiday on Anglesey, spending the day catching up on emails and reinstating my office space after some minor decorating work undertaken whilst away.


One of the emails was a link to a Survey Monkey (other online survey products are available…probably) by Scottish Trusts SIG (Special Interest Group, Institute of Fundraising), for any UK-based Trusts fundraisers.


I decided to add my pennies-worth and enjoyed answering a couple of the questions in particular.


Question: What are your top three tips for a new Trusts Fundraiser?


Here’s what I wrote:

1) Prospect research is key. It requires an investment of time up-front, but will pay-off later. Only approach prospects with a good match to your funding needs.


2) Evidence-based fundraising is essential. Develop a strong case for support that makes sense to others, not just to you. Gather evidence from many external sources to justify the need for your work.


3) You need to establish the logic for the work you are seeking to fund. This can be hard if you are not involved directly in programme development, but either way you need to understand how this work fits with your overall vision, mission and values, and build your credibility in the eyes of the funder.


Question: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received from a funder? (some of my response came from my experiences as a Grants Assessor with the Big Lottery Fund)


Do not try to impress the funder with jargon or ambitious plans. They have seen it all before. Do not say “we are the only people doing this work.” Simply make your case, present all the information they will need understand your work, give them what they ask for when they ask for it.


You can take the survey here, up to 23/8/15. Feel free to share your thoughts also.


In the meantime, I’ll try and focus on work this week whilst the memories of Anglesey remain fresh in my mind…and heart! Enjoy your summer.


Anglesey_Aug15View across the Menai Straight, opposite Caernafon Castle with Snowdonia in the background. Sigh.


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