Planning and Working

I can’t remember where I heard it now. But I have found it to be true.

It’s a great and memorable quote in its own right: “Plan your fundraising work. Work your fundraising plan.”

It’s important to plan at the outset – set out a roadmap for your fundraising, with a start, an end, and waypoints on route. You need to know where you’ve started from so that you can assess your progress along the way. You need to know where you are headed so that you know when you’ve arrived.

And then you need to set off and follow your planned route. Perhaps you’ll find roadblocks on the way and will need to change course. Perhaps you’ll just find a prettier route, or a faster route to your destination, and will choose that instead. But if you don’t set off, you’ll never reach your destination.

So it is with fundraising.

I’m reminded of this as I prepare for a Trustee meeting with a client who is setting out on a major capital campaign. We know the destination. Everyone is well aware of the starting point. Together we will set out a roadmap and agree the waypoints.

I hope that many others will choose to join the journey, working together through their money, time, commitment and support to reach the destination. Then we will plan to celebrate together.

In the enthusiasm we wont neglect to plan. In our planning we wont forget to set off.

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